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Congratulations to all the finalists and winners of the IAB UK & International Business & Skills Awards 2017, which took place this year at the House of Commons.  

Please find a list below of all the winners of the evening:

IAB Bookkeeper of the Year - Sponsored by Lloyds Banking Group

Samantha Nelmes FIAB, LilyIris Accounting

(Left to right - Samantha Nelmes and John Brightwell from Lloyds Banking Group)

IAB Accountant of the Year - Sponsored by F A Simms and AMLCC

Julie Grant FIAB, Julie Grant Bookkeeper 

(Left to right - Richard Simms from F A Simms and Julie Grant)

IAB Payroll Professional of the Year - Sponsored by CIPP

Emma Fone MIAB, Investment Bookkeeping 

(Left to right - Elaine Gibson from CIPP and Emma Fone)

IAB Small Business Mentor of the Year - Sponsored by SFEDI Group

Kris McCulloch MIAB, The Bookkeepers Alliance 

(Left to right - Paul Harper from SFEDI Group and Kris McCulloch)

IAB Student of the Year - Sponsored by Butler Rose

Sarah Smith MIAB 

(Left to right - Sarah Smith and Simon Wicks from Butler Rose)

Vivienne Burrows Award for Longstanding Commitment to the IAB

Beryl Shepherd FIAB


Beryl has made a significant contribution to the IAB since first joining the IAB Council in the early 1990s.  She was elected as the first lady chairman in 1995.  During her time on the Council she visited numerous countries to help spread the word about the IAB and the vital role which bookkeepers have.  She also helped to increase the number of accredited centres and members.  She represented the IAB on several occasions to make presentations to outstanding students, tutors and colleges.  She went on to spend time as a Moderator for the IAB’s payroll exams.  After leaving the position of Chair, for a period she then chaired the Education Sub-Committee of the Council. As if that was not enough, she has for many years served as a dedicated Trustee of the IFA and IAB Benevolent Fund. This recipient has given freely of their time over such an extensive period and has truly demonstrated longstanding commitment to the IAB.